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Voter Rights Party was filed for AEC registration on 25th January 2018, to contest federal elections. It's for all Australians, who want to empower voters and citizens to have a greater voice and role in our political, economic, education, judicial, sociological, & environmental lives and processes.
Party motto: 'Find the Best Solution'.

Our fundamental priorities are:

1. A NEW electoral system with VOTERS entering their own vote by their own hand into public polling place computers & receive a printed receipt of their own vote - receipt retained by voter. Re-establish 'Free & Fair Elections', not provided under liberal-labor (abolish corrupt candidates fees & electoral funding). Ban coercion indoctrination 'how to brainwash voters cards'. Ban corporate donations to political parties. Politicians must be born in Australia. Photo ID for voters. 48 hour independent scrutineering period after 6pm close of poll. Fixed term federal elections (every 3 years). New AEC, run by voters. De-register liberal, labor, greens, nationals.

2. Bill of Rights, a NEW Constitution for Australia starting with citizens Bill of Rights, representative and responsible political, judicial, govt organisations and systems - Freedom of Speech, Free Association, Free Assembly, Parental Rights, Teachers Rights, Home Owner Property Rights, citizens Economic Rights, Rights To A Home, Elderly Rights, Legal Representation Rights, Small Business Rights, Working Rights, Disability Rights, Consent Rights, Freedom of Religion. Voters to directly elect their own governor general and prime minister, on separate ballots.
3. Economic Vision - New Tax System - Low Bank Transaction Tax (2% Individuals, 4% Sole Traders, 6% Partnerships & Trusts, 8% Companies (Total Tax 20% of GDP). Abolish all other taxes except GST - retain as a state funding tax. Abolish the tax return system. 'Australian Owned & Made' resources, assets, production, and jobs. Small business support & development. $50 billion annual commonwealth jobs grants commission for small business & community organisations, capped @ $250,000 = 3 jobs x 200,000 grants = 600,000 jobs per annum. Reform Centrelink to, 'Australian Job Agency'.  No TPP, no treasonous globalisation free trade agreements, no foreign land, asset, & resource ownership. No compulsory Digital ID. Ensure cash remains. New, 'National Economics Board' to empower Australian businesses, companies, create jobs. Abolish ASIC. Abolish fines & tolls laws and system. Support for Farmers, other primary, secondary, tertiary producers. National compensation fund for citizens. Significant banking reform to benefit the population. Federal political control, Reserve Bank, effective monetary policy.
4. Education Vision - Commonwealth primary, secondary, tertiary education priorities, to empower, inspire, develop gifts & talents, fulfill potential, promote objective critical thinking, analysis, research. Nationalise Education in line with National Curriculum - streamline entry ages, assessment, reporting, grading, graduation, holidays, across all states & territories. Federal Teacher Registration. Education funding to teachers per-capita child. Separate building grants funding for schools. Teacher budgets. Parents tutoring fund. Home schooling support. Increased morals & values education. Ban programs/books that sexualise children. Ban gender/trans ideology and LGBTQI+ forced on schools. Review of Tertiary Education Services (University & TAFE), Student Fees & Funding - 80%+ Australian born people to study in Australian Tertiary Education Services, federal funding provided on that basis (stop the treason). Cap student university fees across all courses.

5. Australian Values & Justice for citizens - Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Abolish forced psychiatric drugging, abolish political-govt psychiatric assault-torture-killing of people, abolish psychiatric laws, drugging, practices. Convert psychiatric facilities to voluntary rehabilitation/counselling services, create jobs, education, & housing, as required. Freedom for victims in forced govt facilities torture. Everyone has rights to voluntary compassionate non-drugging counselling and supervision. Abolish govt guardianship and public trust laws and abuses, compensate victims. Abolish forced govt vaccines. Abolish arbitrary imprisonment without trial (except murderers, rapists, drug-traffickers). Abolish police brutality towards citizens. Abolish violent govt assault, torture, rape, deaths in govt facilities. Abolish all censorship laws. Return govt stolen children to their birth parents. 50% - 50% parental custody of children (unless proven sexual abuse). Close most women's & children's prisons (due to political-govt genocidal factors towards Aboriginal women/children, also shocking Self-Id abuses towards women/children). Supervise children in schools with security guards, if required. Create part-time jobs, community activities for teenagers. Women's Safety Issues. Abolish gender/trans ideology forced on children, schools, universities, libraries, public toilets, trans-widows, govt literature, organisations, policies, laws, prisons, rape shelters, hospitals, women's sports, language, organisations, spaces, Self-Id. Build housing, public owned 'Commonwealth Bank Home Ownership Program' 1% interest for citizens. Ensure disabled pensions and unemployment benefits, create specialised jobs for long term unemployed, disabled, homeless. Media reform, to serve the population.
6. Federal energy, communications, transport utilities services economic base rate caps (price ceilings) on, electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, postal services, home owner rates, petrol, licensing systems. Federal drivers & vehicle licensing system (economically capped). All intended to reduce the cost of living for everyone. 
7. Elderly rights services fund to support our elderly to live in their own homes, if they want to. Reduce retirement-pension age to 65 years old for both genders. Encourage self-funded retirement.
8. Judicial Reform, replace magistrates, judges, presiding members with teams of Judicial Officers in every Australian state. Must be 3 JO's up the front, and lawyers on both sides. Abolish magistrates court, replace with 'Bill of Rights' courts in each state, for the population. District & Supreme courts criminal cases (rapists, murderers, drug traffickers/dealers, serious violent assault, rich corporate criminals).

9. Responsible Environment Management - specified land and marine conservation areas for tourism jobs and recreation. Create national bush camping areas for public recreation. Create natural disasters flood prevention/mitigation and irrigation systems. Solar renewable energy targets (20%). Ban the production of some killer plastics, recycle plastics. Major recycling & waste management centres in each state. Creek cleaning programs with voters for Merri, Edgars, Darebin creeks (Cooper Federal). Theological perspective on climate change. Plant millions of trees for photosynthesis and respiration, in cities, around mines and industrial sites, drought, and flood prone regions.
10. Commonwealth, Rate-Payers Association Act for all local communities with voting rights for rate-payers, executive of rate payers to run their own community. Abolish state local govt acts. Federal grants for community road works. 
11. Promote natural therapeutic health and medical practices with citizen consent.
12. Negotiate Treaties with First Nation Australians (Aboriginal Sovereigns) - if they want it.

Under the redundant 120+ year old Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, Australian voters and citizens have no rights (not applied by judges & magistrates for the people), this enables politicians and their paid workers to be corrupt, greedy, violent, and abuse their power.

We know this is happening in our nation, the question is, what are voters going to do about it?

If you agree with 60%+ of the above, you will contribute greatly to Voter Rights Party (Australia).

Voters, join us today on our join us page, membership is FREE! Call Teresa personally to discuss any issues.

Thanks for subscribing!

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