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Teresa van Lieshout is the founder & president of Voter Rights Party (Australia). She's from Western Australia & now lives in Victoria.  As an Australian born experienced Teacher & researcher since 1996 (Physical Education & Social Sciences), Teresa has a Master of Education specialising in Leadership and Management, and directs an education business, 'Expert Education Services'. She worked in banking, R & I Bank (BankWest) before becoming a teacher, and as a prison officer for 1 year from 2006 - 2007.  Teresa was accepted into an Education Doctorate at Notre Dame University however, decided to contest political elections instead.  Teresa has written four books of non-fiction literature, legally published with Australia's National Library.  She has a special interest in economics, education and sociological issues affecting all Australian citizens and voters. Championing a Constitutional citizens Bill of Rights, she passionately articulates for the rights, interests, and freedoms of Australian, & world citizens.  Teresa considers herself a wise, benevolent leader of probity, in decision making, work ethic, & community activities.  Teresa is a critical, intelligent and creative thinker destined for greatness.

Mr Steven Valentine

M: 0431445714

New South Wales

Mr Noel Fisher

M: 0478369076


Ms Courtney Richardson

M: 0438223193

South Australia

Mr Ken Clarke

M: 0477810059


Ms Phillipa Watson

M: 0447076375

Western Australia

Mr Brad Deegan

M: 0487718082


Executive Open

     Northern              Territory

Mr David Edwards

M: 0401531330


Executive Open

    First Nations

Flags depict each official state flag of Australia, including First Nations. I support all our executives 100%. Voters are encouraged to call or email me or them to discuss any issues. You will find us easy to talk with. Thank you.

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