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Our nation is in serious trouble.

Elections are rigged.

Voter Rights Party promoting,

Cops For Covid Truth (Australia)

Please sign and promote, Cops For Covid Truth Project, Advocate Me Lawfirm,

details in video description link,

Unless we get those lockdown politicians jailed (federal & state), they will forcibly vaccinate 25 million Australians, and impose draconian govt conditions for half the nation who will NOT want to be vaccinated.

Shockingly, they have elections rigged, yet we will Never Give Up!

If you want Mask Exemption Badges, I can post to you, email me at,, there is a low cost (including postage).

Details in video,

If any Australian wants to talk with me on the phone, 0413638671.

kind regards,

Teresa van Lieshout

6th December 2020

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